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“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.”

~Albert Schweitzer

Cats Are Not the Problem

For thousands of years humans have used cats for vector control.  As one example, in Los Angeles, there are shopping malls with such bad rat infestations that they have resorted to employing and housing feral cats in their basements and letting them out at night to keep the mall rat free. For many years now, it has been popular to blame cat populations in America for dwindling bird populations, and yet, there are countless studies debunking these theories.  Several studies have been carried out by the American Audoban Society.  The link above is just one such study, with links within to other research referring to the real culprit which is loss of habitat, along with pesticides, light pollution and other human interferences.  The Audobon Society estimates that only 4% of domestic or feral cat populations can even catch or kill a bird.  The vast majority of cats can not.  As an avid bird lover and care giver in the mountains of Oregon, I do everything I can for birds and this is a responsibility we all have.  Each and every purchase of any pesticide, contributes to dwindling bird life and other wild life populations.  The pollution from the production alone is thought to cause more damage than we ever realized.  If you can, please stop buying products containing pesticides.  Start buying only organic food and support the organic farmers.  Always remember, you vote with your dollar!

Kevin Burke

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