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Brongaene Griffin ~ Hardly strictly Irish Traditional

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by!  

You can call me Bronnie.

“Everything in the universe has a rhthm, everything dances." ~ Maya Angelou

"A painter paints picutres on canvas.  

But musicians paint their pictures on silence."

~ Leopold Stokowski

Bronnie Griffin

With a classical training tempered by a sojourn in Bluegrass and Old-Time, Bronnie Griffin broadened her already considerable abilities after she went to the well of the tradition, and spent over 10 years in Ireland busking, traveling the country to play dances, learning the music at sessions, and listening to the great tune keepers and lore masters.

She returned and played around the U.S., sharing the stage with Kevin Burke, Gerry O’Beirne, Johnny B. Connolly, Cary Novotny, and John Williams of Solas to name only a few.  She has performed at Festivals across the country and is a regular fixture of the Yachats Celtic Festival on the Oregon coast.  Today she lives in the musically rich and diverse city of Portland, Oregon where Celtic music flourishes, enriched by the vibrant and eclectic world scene, all of which is reflected in Bronnie’s playing.

Her debut album Three Colours Ginger was met with rave reviews.  With one stellar album under her belt, and another forthcoming, Bronnie Griffin brings a strong bow, melodic lift, and sheer joy to the world of traditional music.

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